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People of the Italian Club

The Italian Club of Tampa, Inc.
The Italian Club Building & Cultural Trust Fund, Inc.

2012-2013 Board of Directors

2012-2013 Committees

Committee Chairperson Responsibilities
Building Committee Joe Caltagirone
(813) 253-0421

Joe Capitano, Sr.
(813) 247-4731

  • Responsible for handling any issues related to the building
    including construction, renovations and communication with
  • Propose expenditures for repairs, renovations and upgrades to
    be done to the facility and make recommendations to the
    Executive Committee.
  • Keep close accounting of all expenditures related to the
    upkeep and maintenance of the building facility.
  • Coordinate with the Club Manager to ensure that the building is kept clean, safe, functional and productive.
  • Recommend ways for making the building more attractive,
    inviting and functional. Approve all purchases needed to make
    the building safe, functional and productive.
Cemetery Committee Sam Manna
  • Maintain cemetary records.
  • Maintain relationships with funeral homes.
  • Keep Cemetary plots clean and safe.
  • Oversee all management activities within the organization.
Club Newsletter Barbara Denti Pool
(813) 949-8585
  • Publish bi-monthly magazine

  • Coordinate the sale of advertisements in the Magazine.

Cultural Committee Gilda Capitano
(813) 870-0789
  • Responsible for promoting the history of L’Unione Italiana, and general Italian history, culture and language through special events, programs, displays, newsletter articles and web page articles.

  • Work with all committee chairs to add cultural and historical elements to events, as appropriate.

  • Serve as the Club’s link to the Tampa-Agrigento Sister Cities Committee, Italian Genealogical groups and other cultural/heritage organizations.

Festa Italiana Joseph Capitano Jr.
(813) 247-4731
  • Organize the major annual fundraiser for the Italian Club in April.
Food Prep Committee
(Fiesta Day, Festa Italiana, Knight Parade)
Wayne Piazza
 (813) 963-5538
  • Organize Fiesta Day activities.
  • Organize Volunteers and Cooking for events.
  • Organize Festa Italiana Cooking Booth
  • Organize cooking booth for Gasparilla Knight Parade
Fundraising Committee Joe Capitano, Sr.
(813) 247-4731
  • Responsible for acquiring donations
Governance Grace Ippolito
(813) 689-1880
  • Be the keeper and the interpreter of the Club's By-Laws.
  • Be responsible for revising and updating the By-Laws as needed.
  • Serve as Parliamentarian.
  • Recommend removal of Officers and Board Members as it becomes necessary.
  • Recommend to the President on filling vacancies on the board.
Grants Sal Guagliardo
(813) 248-3151
  • Prepare and submit applications for grants.
Guavaween Sal Guagliardo
(813) 248-3151
  • Organize beer booths in conjunction with the Guavaween festivities in October.
Insurance John Madiedo
(813) 251-4900 x224
  • Maintain a constant relationship with the Italian Club members.
  • Organize fundraisers throughout the year for the Auxiliary.
  • Work as a team with the Club to maintain the Club's Mission Statement.
Ladies Auxiliary Nuccia Di Calogero Hinckley
  • Maintain a constant relationship with the Italian Club members.
  • Organize fundraisers throughout the year for the Auxiliary.
  • Work as a team with the Club to maintain the Club's Mission Statement.
Membership Committee Nicole Capitano Nassif
(813) 264-7898
  • Maintain and certify an accurate and current membership roster.
  • Present new members to the Board for approval.
  • Issue new membership cards to new members upon approval by the Board.
  • Conduct membership drives.
  • Propose activities for increasing membership.
  • Organize membership socials.
  • Maintain an accurate Membership Directory.
New Year’s Eve

Cathy Guagliardo
(813) 417-3697

  • Organize the annual New Year’s Eve Dance
Krewe of Italia

Don Bodie
(813) 623-1557


Joe Caltagirone
(813) 253-0421

  • Coordinate the photography, publication and archives of photographs of club events
Social Committee

Rick Califano

  • Maintain a calendar of all Club events.

  • Promote special events to be held in the Cantina.

  • Publicize all events to the membership and to the outside community via all means possible.

  • Ensure that all events do not conflict, if at all possible, with other major events in the community.

  • Elicit input from the membership as to the type of events they would like to have and would support.

Website Vince Pardo
(813) 908-6440
  • Maintain and update the Club’s web-site
Picnic with the Past Stephanie Cannella van-Belzen
(813) 832-6363
  • Organize event with the Cemetery
Volunteer & Phone Committee Joe Caravella
(813) 985-8393
  • Responsible for calling members to volunteer at various functions.


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